Had to get it...
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my Laser Cat drawings
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So.....what do you think?

(^^^ this pic, they're suppose to be kids teaming up for the first time)

You want me to leave huh?

ok see ya!


Jorma Taccone Interview
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Getting mistaken for Zac Efron is annoying. But I don’t mind having my name mispronounced. [It’s YOR-ma Ta-CONE—Ed.] For Land of the Lost I asked my manager if it was OK to change my name to Jer-Mac Pachoni. She said it was the dumbest idea she’d ever heard.

Fear and greed—that’s the perfect atmosphere for Lonely Island to work in. It’s just us three in a room consumed by fear and greed. We try to present that atmosphere around ourselves at all times.

“Dick In A Box” was based on a story my grandma told me as a kid. It’s one of those family stories that are passed down through generations. “Jizz In My Pants” was out of Andy [Samberg]’s life experience. But he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Andy and I are big movie buffs, so we’ll go see double features like Taken, with Taken again right after that. The second screening always involves more Jameson. I would hold him down if he ever had any rap beef, and by hold him down I mean hold him down on the ground while people got their licks in.

Katy Perry has a crush on Andy Samberg!
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Andy, in case you didn't know this... Katy Perry has a crush on you! So if you ever break up with Joanna, then you can swoop in on Katy and knock the men out of her life.

In the June issue of In Style magazine, Katy was asked if she had a celebrity crush. Her answer was Andy Samberg.

Katy was also asked questions about being sexy...

Can sexy be learned or is it innate?

Katy Perry: "Very few have it that are born with it. A lot of sexy is based on intelligence and smarts."

What makes you feel sexy?

"A good dose of healthy flirting makes me feel sexy, like I still have it," admits Perry. "Shaving my legs makes me feel sexy too it's such a small little thing."

What is sexy in a guy?

"The eyes say a lot," Perry says. "When you're with someone who can't look you in the eyes, that's kind of hot. Teeth are important to me. And good breath! I will call a man out on his halitosis."

Some from:

Andy has the eyes, teeth, and breath down!!!


The Lonely Island Interview
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interviewer (for hot rod):
do you believe, that children are our future?

andy samberg (rod):
unless the world ends, the children are our future.

interviewer: yeah technically

andy samberg: i don't see why that is such a bold statement, to be honest with you.

interviewer: i dont either

andy samberg: because it's so obvious, like, who else is going to be the future? the people who are going to die?

interviewer: i dont know, aliens?

andy samberg: *dead serious*...............oh my god.



PT. 1

PT. 2


Andy and Jorma name signs i made <3
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Taylor Swift a fan fo Andy Samberg!
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there was an interview from Taylor Swift and she was asked a question When the last time she was Starstruck and she wrote :

The last celebrity that I asked for a picture with was Andy Samberg. He's one of my favourite people on the planet. I think he's so entertaining and I get so nervous that I'm going to say something stupid around him. My picture with him is definitely my laptop screen saver.


Andy Samberg at The "Year One" Premiere
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I like his scruffy look :]

Andy and Joanna <3


Andy Samberg Coming Out of The Airport
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Awww he looks so tired or upset


TLI info thingy
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Name: Alexandra
Age: 18
Location: Pasadena, CA
Interests: Animals, Celebs, Music, Movies, Nature
A little something about yourself: I love sandwiches
What your journal consists of: The Lonely Island

How Did You Find Out About The Lonely Island?: In 2006, my friend introduced me to Lazy Sunday. then i forgot about them for like a year or 2, then in 2007 or 2008 i saw Jizz in My Pants and i thought Jorm was really cute so then i saw Hot Rod and it just kinda stuck to me <3
Favorite TLI Video: Episode 2: Regarding Ardy
Favorite TLI Song: "Kablamo" or "Ardy Party REMIX"
Favorite TLI Member: thats hard, ummmm i love all, but i have mostly been liking Kiv <3

Any Other Fandoms:? Cam Gigandet, Animals, and Demetri Martin and Movies
Favorite Books: what are books? haha
Favorite Movies: Hot Rod, Dark Knight, and Two Brothers
Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, South Park, SNL, Animal Planets: Big Cat Diary

Anything else you may like to add?: nodding is fun.



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